How Do You Choose a College?

Confession: My son chose his college because of a party. I spent last weekend in Tucson visiting Alex. It was wonderful to see him thriving at college. Coincidentally, while we were there a memory popped up in my socials, a picture from 2017 of him, Gabi and their cousins in Tucson where the family had gathered to celebrate their grandma’s…

FAFSA Simplification: What Do You Need to Do?

Next fall’s FAFSA should look different from this year’s, with FAFSA Simplification in the pipeline, and the coming changes could impact your eligibility for financial aid. FAFSA Simplification will have different impacts on different families depending on situations, so it’s important to understand what’s coming and how it’s likely to affect your EFC (besides changing it to SAI). Some of…

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