Comparing Financial Aid Awards

We’re almost there: acceptance letters are arriving and the May 1 decision day is right around the corner. For most families, how much schools cost is part of the decision making process. But comparing award letters from different schools might seem like comparing apples to taco salad. The good news is, all offers need to show total cost of attendance,…

How Do You Get Outside Scholarships?

Outside scholarships can be a great way to stretch your college budget. And sometimes they offer more than just scholarship dollars: my daughter receives an outside scholarship that includes a career mentor who helped her find an internship that led to a full-time job offer when she graduates this spring. Outside scholarships can also be an exercise in frustration with…

Got Work-Study?

If your financial aid award includes work-study, you should understand what it is. Work study falls under the self-help column of financial aid, meaning it’s not free money. You have to find a qualifying job and work at the job to earn this portion of your financial aid award. Work-study is a federally subsidized job at your college or university….

Where is the Pause Button?

Last week I bumped into a friend whose daughter is a high school senior. Like many of her peers, she’s very caught up in the college application process and eagerly awaiting acceptance letters. Needless to say, her enthusiasm is infectious and my friend is so excited about her next steps. I’m in a similar spot, with my two in their…

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