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Step 3 in Finding Scholarships

Now that you’ve done Step 1 and Step 2, what’s next to find scholarships? Step 3 is starting to build a spreadsheet of colleges that are likely to offer you scholarships so that you keep track of and meet application requirements and deadlines. If you don’t want to create your own, here is my college research spreadsheet. It includes columns…

Outside Scholarships: The 5Ws and H

Outside scholarships can be a great way to stretch your college budget. They can also be an exercise in frustration with countless applications yielding small dollars. Knowing the 5Ws and H of outside scholarships can make your search more rewarding. Let’s start with What is an outside scholarship. An outside scholarship is a scholarship offered by anyone other than the…

How Much Should You Save for College?

A client’s former advisor told her that she should save $800,000 per child for college. None of my initial reactions to that were appropriate for a client meeting, but how much should you save for college is an important question for a lot of families so let’s dig into that. First, why do advisors tell people that they need to…

I Bonds for College Savings

If you’re a financial advisor, it’s hard to go an hour without talking about I Bonds right now. It seems the word is getting out to the general public now too. I Bonds are a form of Treasury bond that pay an interest rate that incorporates an inflation factor. Right now, due to high inflation, they are paying 7.12% interest….

Choosing a 529 Plan

A recent survey showed that while almost two-thirds of parents were saving for college, only about one-third are saving in a 529 plan. That’s unfortunate, since 529s are usually the best choice for savings, for a lot of reasons. On the other hand, it’s not unexpected, given that the vast array of often confusing choices can be a barrier to…

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