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  • The world of college merit aid is rife with myths and urban legends. Fortunately, Cozy Wittman of College Inside Track joined me to bust the myths and give you the […]
  • As a high school guidance counselor, John McMichael has a lot of conversations with students about borrowing for college. That's in no small part because about two decades into his […]
  • Applying to colleges can be arduous and stressful, but also a great opportunity for students to learn about themselves and build their futures. Certified education consultant Terry Mady-Grove of Charted […]
  • Paying for college has emotional and practical components. As parents we want to provide opportunities for our kids, but the practical realities of college costs can make it seem like […]
  • Planning and paying for college is confusing and complicated. As coordinator of Student Financial Literacy and Advising at the University of Southern Connecticut, Lew de Luca helps families navigate the […]
  • As test-optional admissions gain steam, many are questioning the place of standardized testing in the college admissions process and even whether or not to take the SAT or ACT. Scott […]
  • What's it like to be a college student during the pandemic? A lot depends on where you're going to school. I caught up with three current college students– from Gonzaga, […]
  • Prepaid tuition plans are a slightly different take on 529s: rather than investing for growth that might outpace tuition inflation, these plans aim to match tuition increases. While there used […]
  • As a professor of organic chemistry at Reed College, Alan Shusterman teaches a hard class to smart students. Over the years, as both a professor and a parent, he's learned […]
  • Student loan borrowers have a dizzying array of loan and repayment options. If you're borrowing for college, Bill's guidance on how to borrow and how to repay may well save […]

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