Want to build your financial plan for college? My new College Financial Plan Masterclass puts you in charge of your college selection and funding process. You’ll learn how the system works so you can save money, make better decisions, and partner with your student to get them not just a great education, but a great college experience.

This interactive course guides you through the key steps of developing your plan:

  • Creating a framework for thinking about college
  • Developing your budget and discussing it with your student
  • Understanding the FAFSA, the CSS Profile, financial aid and how to qualify for more
  • Learning about merit aid and developing a scholarship strategy for your student
  • Developing an application strategy that gives you more leverage in the process
  • Creating a spending plan to maximize access to tax credits and other benefits
  • Understanding student loans and how to borrow without getting in over your head
  • Comparing financial aid awards and negotiating for bigger scholarships

You’ll finish the course with a detailed College Financial Plan that will get your student a great education without knocking your retirement or other financial goals out of reach. Sign up here.

The College Financial Plan Masterclass is a comprehensive self-paced online course that includes the insights and worksheets to help you build your custom college financial plan. Learn more about it here.