SAT Penalty for Guessing

A high SAT score is a great source of merit aid so it’s important to understand the test before you take it. You may have heard about changes coming to the SAT. One big change is has to do with the penalty for guessing. Currently, test takers receive one point for each correct answer and are penalized 1/4 point for…

Value-Added College Rankings

There is no shortage of college rankings. While US News & World Report’s ranking system may be the most popular, it might not lead you or your student to schools that are actual fits. After all, US News’ top 10 schools will only admit a total of about 25,000 students each year, so even if one or more of them…

529 Plan Withdrawals

You’ve been saving diligently in your 529 plan for years and now it’s here: freshman year and bills are due. How do you get those savings out to pay for the bills? First, you need to decide to whom to direct the withdrawal: the parent, the student or the school. Here is a blog post outlining the why’s of each.

Elite Schools Without Elite Price Tags

Honors colleges– groupings of high-achieving students within a larger campus– are starting to gain more traction as acceptance rates at elite schools go down and price tags go up. Typically found at large public universities, these colleges aim to marry the benefits of selectivity and academic rigor with the diversity and resources of a larger campus and the price tag…

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