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Computers and 529 Plans

The PATH Act of 2015, aka the budget deal signed last week, included a bonus for families of college students: computers, software and peripherals are now Qualified Higher Education Expenses eligible for purchase via 529 plan funds. Previously computers had to be required by the school in order to be eligible. (One could of course argue

Test Scores and Aid

Does  your student have some down time during the winter break? A quick and easy way to make some money is to do some test prep for the ACT or SAT. In fact, this is likely to pay off far more than any juggling strategies you might be attempting with your income or assets in order to

Student Bank Accounts

One easy way to make college cost more than it needs to is to choose the wrong bank account and pay exorbitant fees as a result. Many schools partner with a financial institution to handle excess financial aid dollars (what’s left to pay for other educational costs such as room and board or books, after the school deducts tuition and…

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