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Student Bank Accounts

One easy way to make college cost more than it needs to is to choose the wrong bank account and pay exorbitant fees as a result. Many schools partner with a financial institution to handle excess financial aid dollars (what’s left to pay for other educational costs such as room and board or books, after the school deducts tuition and…

College Application Management Tool

I came across makemeafreshman.com and it looks like a pretty handy tool for managing your college applications. (I also asked a couple of high school seniors to check it out and they said the same thing.) It’s a free website in which you enter the colleges to which you plan to apply and it tracks all of the forms and deadlines for…

SAT Penalty for Guessing

A high SAT score is a great source of merit aid so it’s important to understand the test before you take it. You may have heard about changes coming to the SAT. One big change is has to do with the penalty for guessing. Currently, test takers receive one point for each correct answer and are penalized 1/4 point for…

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