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2023 Rhodes Scholars

Georgia, Michigan and Oregon had plenty to cheer about this past week: each school had a student or alumnus named a Rhodes Scholar for the coming year. They’ll join students from Harvard, Agnes Scott College, Yale, University of Montana, the service academies and a handful of other colleges in pursuing graduate degrees at Oxford next fall. Rhodes Scholars are selected…

Here’s What Counts

I’ve spent much of this fall criss-crossing the country speaking to various groups– families, financial advisors, high school groups– about planning for college. It’s been a genuine privilege to be welcomed by so many people in so many places! Whatever the audience, these are the key elements in planning for college: I’m happy to speak to your group too! If…

Supersize Your 529

One of the best ways to save for college is to have other people do it for you. Fortunately, 529s offer lots of opportunities to get outside money into them. Are you stressing out about the junk your kids are going to get for the holidays? If so, give your generous friends and family an alternative: your 529’s gifting page….

What Does This College Cost?

College costs whatever you’re willing to pay. Costs range from free community college and free online programs to private colleges where costs are edging towards $100,000 annually. And of course, those are list prices; tuition discounting in the form of financial aid and scholarships wipes out an average of 56% of list price tuition annually. None of that answers the…

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Students researching colleges tend to have a set of questions they ask: And every spring, I get calls from frantic parents trying to figure out how they’re going to pay for a college that ticks those boxes but doesn’t fit the family’s budget. Here are some additional questions to ask: Good news: my College Selection Research Worksheet helps you corral…

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