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How to Get Money Out of Your 529

Happy 5/29! 529 Day doesn’t get quite the attention of Pi Day or May the Fourth. To celebrate, let’s talk about taking money out of your 529, since there’s plenty of info out there about getting money in. You have three choices when withdrawing from your 529: Send the distribution to the account owner Send the distribution to the beneficiary…

The Federal Employment and Enrollment Report

Every year in October, the Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers information on college enrollment and workforce participation; every April, the “College Enrollment and Work Activity of Recent High School and College Graduates” report, based on that data, is released. This year’s report shows that the pandemic has impacted young Americans’ future planning pretty dramatically. 61.8% of 2021’s high school graduates…

The Power of Compounding

April is Financial Literacy Month so I’m writing about general financial topics this month. Today’s topic: the power of compounding. The power of compounding is what makes long-term savings so beneficial. It’s also what makes debt so costly. As Albert Einstein (yes, that Albert Einstein) said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it;…

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