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2021 Rhodes Scholars

Harvard. Amherst. Southern Connecticut State University. US Naval Academy. MIT. Yale. Penn. Lafayette College. Stanford. UMBC. University of Georgia. Wake Forest. Columbia. Duke. US Military Academy. UNC. Ohio State. University of Michigan. Johns Hopkins. US Air Force Academy. South Dakota State University. University of Virginia. UC Santa Cruz. These are the colleges that this year produced winners of arguably the…

Public Colleges: Lots of Options

Many people mistakenly believe that their in-state public colleges are the only public college option available to their student. In fact, there are many, many public options available, often at the same or lower cost than remaining in state. Typically, for an out of state school to make sense, they need to offer some form of either scholarship or tuition…

Academic Success in College Podcast

In my latest podcast episode, Dr. Alan Shusterman, professor of chemistry at Reed College, shares some insights on how and why students succeed academically in college. As a professor, a parent of two college graduates, and a lifelong student himself, Alan has seen this topic from pretty much every available angle and has some fantastic advice.