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Free College

My son’s friend just graduated from Arizona State, without paying a penny. How? She works at Starbucks and through a combination of starting at community college and continuing with Starbucks College Achievement Plan, she was able to earn her bachelor’s degree for $0. She’s now working on her student teaching and expects to be a full-time teacher soon, all without…

Does It Matter Where You Go to College?

Every year, just before Thanksgiving, the coming year’s Rhodes Scholars are announced. In response, I pen a paean to the diversity of undergraduate institutions attended by America’s best and most promising students as a reminder that plenty of colleges– not just the Ivies– prepare students to compete at the highest levels. Year after year, colleges like Clemson, South Dakota State,…

How Do You Choose a College?

Confession: My son chose his college because of a party. I spent last weekend in Tucson visiting Alex. It was wonderful to see him thriving at college. Coincidentally, while we were there a memory popped up in my socials, a picture from 2017 of him, Gabi and their cousins in Tucson where the family had gathered to celebrate their grandma’s…

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