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Negotiating a Financial Aid Award

I hope that everyone is home, safe, and washing their hands a lot! Yesterday we learned that bacon is not being hoarded, at least not in Portland, when out of the blue we got a notification that several week-old online grocery delivery attempts were going to be filled. The one item that was not out of stock in any of…

College Admissions Status Update

NACAC has created a page, here, for high school students to track admissions-related information for colleges, including changes to acceptance or deposit deadlines and availability of campus visits, along with links to the school’s Coronavirus information page. You can of course get this information directly from your school(s) too.

What Can You Learn From a Crisis?

You know the saying, “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want?” 2020 is setting itself up to be a year full of experience. If you’re a parent of a high school senior trying to select a college (that you likely can’t visit), here are some things you can do to learn more, because a crisis…

Education Spending as a Financial Disruptor

A recent Harris Poll showed that education spending was the #1 “financial disruptor” for Americans in 2019, with 16% of survey respondents saying that education spending for themselves or their children had disrupted their long-term financial plans. In addition, education spending was the only category of disruptor that grew in the last five years. According to the survey, a financial…