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EFC vs Net Cost

Expected Family Contribution– the amount that the FAFSA says your family can pay for college– gets a lot of air time. But there’s another number that’s more important: Net Cost. Your Net Cost is your actual cost to attend a college. It’s important to find out about net cost because colleges are under no obligation to meet your financial need….

FAFSA Resources

Are you filing the FAFSA this year? Or in some near-future year? Below are some resources to help you get through it. First though, a quick overview using the 5 W’s and an H: A few things to get you started: What else do you need? You are most welcome to submit questions in the comments section below! Want to…

What Year, 2022 Edition

One of the most baffling questions about the FAFSA is “When?” As in, “When do my assets count?” Or “When does my income count?” Or “When can I claim a tax credit?” This year’s FAFSA and CSS Profile use 2021’s income. Assets are counted at their value on the date you file. So when you file the FAFSA or Profile,…

How to File the FAFSA

If you’re wondering what the FAFSA actually looks like or what questions it asks, or you just want to see it before you file it, here’s an onscreen walk-through of the FAFSA. Although I had to use last year’s FAFSA, I’ve pointed out changes you’ll see this year, as well as some of the FAFSA Simplification changes that will come…

FAFSA 2023-24 EFC Formula Guide

The FAFSA itself will be available on October 1. In the meantime, the Department of Education has released the EFC Formula Guide for this year’s FAFSA in case you’d like to take the data out for a spin before filing. Before you do that, a few safety reminders: The FAFSA is not the tooth fairy. The only thing the FAFSA…

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