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How Do You Apply for Scholarships?

I get a common question from families applying for college: “I applied to the college but how do I apply for scholarships?” The answer to that is actually pretty simple: If you filed the FAFSA, you have applied for need-based aid. And your application to the college is the application for most merit scholarships. Most institutional awards– that is to…

What About the CSS Profile?

Once you’ve filed the FAFSA, your work may not be done. That’s because there’s another financial aid form, the CSS Profile. The Profile is used by about 400 private colleges to allocate their own financial aid dollars. The FAFSA and the Profile have a lot of similarities, but also some key differences. Like the FAFSA, the Profile uses parent income…

EFC vs Net Cost

Expected Family Contribution– the amount that the FAFSA says your family can pay for college– gets a lot of air time. But there’s another number that’s more important: Net Cost. Your Net Cost is your actual cost to attend a college. It’s important to find out about net cost because colleges are under no obligation to meet your financial need….

FAFSA Resources

Are you filing the FAFSA this year? Or in some near-future year? Below are some resources to help you get through it. First though, a quick overview using the 5 W’s and an H: A few things to get you started: What else do you need? You are most welcome to submit questions in the comments section below! Want to…

What Year, 2022 Edition

One of the most baffling questions about the FAFSA is “When?” As in, “When do my assets count?” Or “When does my income count?” Or “When can I claim a tax credit?” This year’s FAFSA and CSS Profile use 2021’s income. Assets are counted at their value on the date you file. So when you file the FAFSA or Profile,…

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