Every year, the National Association for College Admission Counseling releases a list of colleges that are still accepting applications for the fall semester. Usually this list is released on May 2, immediately after the May 1 acceptance day. This year, the list came out a little early and a new feature was added: schools that have extended their admissions deadline.

Those who hear a lot of chatter about low acceptance rates at some schools might be surprised to learn that many colleges have openings in normal years. This year, due to the general strangeness of the application season, it’s likely that even more will. Last year’s list had 770 schools still accepting applications after May 1; in more typical recent years the number has ranged around 400-500.

Many schools have always continued accepting applications after May 1; others appear on the list periodically due to the general variability of the admissions process. As of right now, there are 236 schools on the list; it’s updated daily so undoubtedly more will be added in the coming week. Note that participation in the list is voluntary and only open to NACAC member schools, so this is by no means a list of every college still accepting applications.

How might you use this info? Students who want additional choices beyond the schools to which they have been accepted will find plenty of options here. Those considering financial aid appeals might also learn from the list a bit about how much leverage they have. Schools that are under-enrolled might gladly increase an accepted student’s aid package to avoid having another empty spot to fill.

The list is accessible here. Among the sorting criteria are state, housing availability and financial aid availability. Nearly all schools on the list as of right now do have financial aid available.