Two Common FAFSA Errors

Please avoid these two FAFSA mistakes at all costs:

  • Don’t put “Student” info in the “Parent” section or vice versa. Each gets different treatment. When you file online, the Parent financial information comes first, after the student demographics. The Student financial information is last.
  • Don’t brag. The FAFSA is the one piece of the college application process where you get to let your hair down. Generally speaking, you do not want to impress anyone with your FAFSA. Spend your cash before you file. Don’t exaggerate your income. If you have the financial equivalent of a muffin top, this is the place to rock it.

And of course, enter your driver’s license and Social Security information correctly.

4 thoughts on “Two Common FAFSA Errors

  1. Did they change the log in information from last year? I tried the user ID and password from last year and had all kinds of issues.
    When I finally got logged in the first page said “Student info” but had my (the parent) info.
    It’s been a long year, maybe I forgot everything from last year.

    1. The FAFSA PIN that you would have used last year has been replaced by the FSA ID. Once you go in and create an FSA ID, you should be able to link it to last year’s FAFSA.

      1. ok. I thought it also said I could not create this for my child. My daughter is away at college. They made it sound like a big deal if I created the ID for her.
        I appreciate your help. The FAFSA never seems to get any easier to fill out, no matter how many times I do it!

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