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Education Spending as a Financial Disruptor

A recent Harris Poll showed that education spending was the #1 “financial disruptor” for Americans in 2019, with 16% of survey respondents saying that education spending for themselves or their children had disrupted their long-term financial plans. In addition, education spending was the only category of disruptor that grew in the last five years. According to the survey, a financial…

Comparing Financial Aid Offers

Comparing financial aid award letters from different schools can be confusing. Although there is a standard set of information that should be included– total Cost of Attendance, gift aid offered, loans and work study as applicable– each school has its own format for the letter including where certain elements are listed and whether the award lists your EFC so you…

Free Money: AOTC Claiming Strategies

Once upon a time, the American Opportunity Tax Credit was a pretty simple proposition: Families could get a $2,500 annual tax credit for $4,000 of out-of-pocket college tuition expenses for their dependent student, as long as their income was below the IRS threshold for the credit. However, tax law changes over the past few years have created some opportunities for creative claiming strategies, opening the tax credit up to a larger population.

Budget Proposal and Candidate Positions on Higher Ed Funding

Going to cover all the politics in one post today. President Trump’s budget proposal, released yesterday, proposes some significant changes to higher education funding. In addition, TICAS (The Institute for College Access & Success), in partnership with the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire, has released a briefing comparing the presidential candidates’ positions on education…