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FAFSA Treatment of Retirement Plan Contributions

Behold, FAFSA season is upon us! Well, not entirely– the FAFSA isn’t available until January 1. Nonetheless, confusion and questions about the FAFSA abound already. One of the more confusing aspects of the FAFSA is how retirement plan contributions are counted. “Wait,” you say, “I thought my retirement plan doesn’t count on the FAFSA!” It’s true that your retirement plan…

Help yourself in the “base year”

Are you the parent of a high school junior? If so, 2014 is your “base year” for financial aid purposes. What does that mean? It means that your initial financial aid applications—FAFSA and/or CSS PROFILE—will be based on your income and assets for 2014. Now is a good time to make plans or adjustments that will help you in aid…

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