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Negotiating a Financial Aid Award

I hope that everyone is home, safe, and washing their hands a lot! Yesterday we learned that bacon is not being hoarded, at least not in Portland, when out of the blue we got a notification that several week-old online grocery delivery attempts were going to be filled. The one item that was not out of stock in any of…

What Year? (2020 Edition)

It’s hard keeping track of what matters when in the prior-prior year world of the FAFSA and CSS Profile. Here is a table summarizing tax year and asset dates for the next few college years: School Year 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024 2024-2025 2025-2026 2026-2027 FAFSA/ PROFILE Income Tax Year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 Assets As Of Oct*…

FAFSA Basics: Parent Assets

Parent assets seem to be the area that most families and planners focus on, despite the fact that they typically have the smallest impact on the formula of each of the components. Strategies and tactics to minimize parent assets abound, but for most families these result more in nibbling around the edges than actually making a significant dent in EFC.