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Colleges Opening This Fall?

This week a number of colleges announced plans to open this fall for in-person courses. If that doesn’t serve as a reminder that colleges are a business, then I don’t know what would. What’s with the announcements? Have some colleges discovered magical cures for COVID? Or is it just that May 1 is the traditional decision date and about 40%…

CARES Act College Funding: Cash for Students

Following up on yesterday’s post. How does a student get cash from his school’s emergency student aid grant under the CARES Act? It depends on the school, and most have not formalized their policies yet. First, how do these funds work? The CARES Act funds– officially HEERF – Student Share (Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund)– are not Title IV education…

CARES Act Funding to Colleges

The CARES Act (the coronavirus stimulus package approved by Congress last month) includes approximately $14 billion in grants to colleges and universities, with about $12.5 billion of that being distributed broadly across the higher education landscape and the remainder targeting minority-serving institutions. The CARES Act requires that half of the funding a school receives be dedicated to emergency student aid,…

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