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Where is the Pause Button?

Last week I bumped into a friend whose daughter is a high school senior. Like many of her peers, she’s very caught up in the college application process and eagerly awaiting acceptance letters. Needless to say, her enthusiasm is infectious and my friend is so excited about her next steps. I’m in a similar spot, with my two in their…

Free College

My son’s friend just graduated from Arizona State, without paying a penny. How? She works at Starbucks and through a combination of starting at community college and continuing with Starbucks College Achievement Plan, she was able to earn her bachelor’s degree for $0. She’s now working on her student teaching and expects to be a full-time teacher soon, all without…

Does It Matter Where You Go to College?

Every year, just before Thanksgiving, the coming year’s Rhodes Scholars are announced. In response, I pen a paean to the diversity of undergraduate institutions attended by America’s best and most promising students as a reminder that plenty of colleges– not just the Ivies– prepare students to compete at the highest levels. Year after year, colleges like Clemson, South Dakota State,…

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