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New (School) Year’s Resolutions

Here in Oregon we’re not yet back to school (thankfully) but based on all the first day pictures I’m seeing on the socials, it looks like most of the rest of you are. With a new (school) year upon us, here are some resolutions your family might make for the coming school year. And, here’s hoping they don’t get broken…

Step 1 in Finding Scholarships

How do you begin the process of finding college scholarships? Step 1 is finding out what type of scholarship you’re eligible for: need-based or merit. Need-based financial aid is aid that meets the difference between Cost of Attendance (COA) at a college and your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) (which is being renamed to Student Aid Index or SAI). Your EFC…

The College Financial Plan Masterclass

Want to build your financial plan for college? My new College Financial Plan Masterclass puts you in charge of your college selection and funding process. You’ll learn how the system works so you can save money, make better decisions, and partner with your student to get them not just a great education, but a great college experience. This interactive course…

Save thousands of dollars & millions of headaches with the College Financial Plan Masterclass
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