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Before Committing to a School

More than 1/3 of college students will transfer schools after their freshman year. The reasons vary but most fall in the “not a fit” category, and the leader is probably “not affordable.” Others include being too far from home and wanting to change major to one that the school doesn’t offer. Transferring schools is an easy way to get off…

2015 529 Contributions

Tax day is approaching and you may be looking for additional deductions for 2015. Can you still make a deductible contribution to your 529 plan? It depends. Since 529 contributions are only deductible at the state level (and only in states that have a tax deduction for the contributions), each state sets its own deadline. Fortunately it’s not as arbitrary…

Trends in College Costs

With the economy mostly recovered from the recession that began in 2008, things should be looking up for public education funding, right? That’s what I thought, so when I read about the University of Oregon’s proposed 4.8% tuition hike for next year, I thought this deserved some research. Fortunately, Young Invincibles’ Student Impact Project,

Where does financial aid come from?

I know, I’ve been harping on the FAFSA lately. (Did you fill it out yet? If not, go here to do so.) For those who still have some time before applying to schools, let’s switch gears and talk about where aid comes from. Refresher: Three primary sources of aid: federal government, state governments, and institutions.

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