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Thinking of Transferring? Think Fast

If your student came home for the holidays unenthusiastic about their school and considering transferring, your first impulse might be to tell them to tough it out for the year and reconsider come summer. While that’s probably good parenting advice, it might not be good financial advice. In fact, students who are thinking of transferring are usually best off making…

Establishing Credit for Your Student

It’s probably a good thing that today’s students, unlike their parents, are more likely to be handed a free t-shirt than a new credit card as they walk across campus. For students graduating in the 1980s and 1990s, credit card debt was a more likely millstone than student loans. Rules that went into effect in 2010 drastically reduced students’ access…

Higher Ed Inflation

Cost increases across the higher education landscape averaged 2.5% for the fiscal year ended June 2019, according to the Higher Education Price Index or HEPI. This is slightly lower than the previous two years: 2018’s inflation was 2.9% and 2017’s, 3.4%.