If you’re still looking for your dream school, head over to NACAC’s College Openings Update. This list of colleges still accepting applications is released annually in early April, and serves as a reminder that plenty of colleges are happy to welcome students rather than rejecting them. The database allows you to search on numerous criteria including location and availability of financial aid.

As of right now, the database lists over 200 colleges. This is a decrease from last year but the list may grow from now to May 1 as students accept and decline admissions offers. Among colleges still accepting applications you’ll find Washington State, Boston University, and Ohio State.

And just because a college isn’t listed in the database, doesn’t mean that college isn’t still accepting applications. The database is voluntary so it’s up to the college to submit their status. Many colleges– especially large public colleges– continue to accept applications through the start of the academic term.

Students who weren’t accepted at their top choice or whose acceptances don’t include adequate financial aid packages would be wise to look at other options such as those in the NACAC database, and to reach out to in-state schools not listed there to inquire whether they are still accepting applications.