If you’re the parent of a student athlete, you’ll want to watch this interview with Kathy Connor of Connor College Consulting. A former D1 student-athlete, Kathy is also mom to two college athletes (D1 and D3) and a college admissions consultant specializing in student athletes, so she has seen college athletics from every angle. A few key takeaways:

  • Athletic scholarships are far more limited than people tend to think. Outside of a few sports, a student’s athletic abilities are more likely to earn her admission than big scholarships, so grades are extremely important.
  • There are many levels of competition available to student athletes wanting to pursue their sport in college, from D1 through competitive club sports and even intramurals. Students should consider academic, financial and athletic fit in looking at colleges.
  • Especially at the D1 level, college coaches have specific needs that they are trying to fill and you may or may not fit what your top choice school is looking for. That means athletes should start the process early and cast a wide net when seeking opportunities to play at the college level.