My apologies to anyone who tried to access my event on Facebook yesterday. The short story is, the stream went to the wrong place and when you’re in the middle of a live interview there isn’t much you can do to change that! The recording is available here so you can watch it at your convenience. (The part where I start looking all over the place is when I realized the stream wasn’t showing up where it was supposed to!!) If you have questions after watching it, please either submit them to me via the Comments here, or I will have Julia back for another edition of this in a few weeks once I get all the technical kinks ironed out.

Next Tuesday, May 12, I’ll be talking with Jennifer Warren, an AP Spanish teacher at Evergreen High School, about the ins and outs of AP and IB classes. Jennifer and I both have 19-year-old twins who have had a range of experiences and outcomes with AP and IB, so her perspective is both as a teacher and a parent of high school students. The best way to access these events (I think) is to follow my Facebook page as that is where the event seems to have ended up streaming.

Here are some of the websites we mentioned:

Thanks for your patience as I figure this out! Everyone is a student of something!