No, I’m not trying to excuse my recent absence from posting by suddenly buying into ratings hype!

The Princeton Review has some interesting rankings that might be a good second step on your winnowing-down-of-schools process. (The first step being of course identifying schools that you can likely afford.) In addition to their ranking of the “Best” 381 colleges, the Princeton Review has some quality of life rankings that both students and parents should be aware of. These include top party schools, great/not so great financial aid schools, students study the most/least. A plus for this set of rankings: they include the methodology. It’s all based on student satisfaction surveys, so one might conclude that the quality of life areas are most accurate.

And my apologies for not posting anything for a while. I had hip surgery a couple of weeks ago (I had the same thing as Isaiah Thomas), then was at a conference last week. Now I’m back in the office but am called for jury duty tomorrow. Yikes.