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May 2017

Colleges Still Have Openings for Fall ’17

Further confirming that college can be a buyer’s market, the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s annual College Openings Update: Options for Qualified Students (a list of schools still accepting applications after May 1) shows an increase in the number of schools still accepting applications compared with last year. In fact, the number has gone up every year since 2013;…

Some School Rankings

No, I’m not trying to excuse my recent absence from posting by suddenly buying into ratings hype! The Princeton Review has some interesting rankings that might be a good second step on your winnowing-down-of-schools process. (The first step being of course identifying schools that you can likely afford.) In addition to their ranking of the “Best” 381 colleges,

More Reasons not to Borrow

In case you’re looking for any more reasons not to borrow a penny more than is necessary for college, this article from yesterday’s New York Times highlights three proposed regulatory changes that are likely to make student loans considerably riskier for borrowers.

More on IRS Data Retrieval Tool

This article in Forbes explains options the Department of Education is making available for FAFSA filers needing to get their income tax information in to schools or loan servicers. I’m off to surgery tomorrow and wasn’t going to post anything until after that, but I thought you might need this info. See you in a week or two.