Monthly Archives: September 2016

2016 SAT Results

The interwebs appear to be all aflutter about SAT results this week. That’s because the College Board just released the class of 2016’s results and generally the class of 2016 did worse on the SAT than did the class of 2015. There are potential explanations that have nothing to do with academic capability: changes in the test, resulting in changes in the Continue reading 2016 SAT Results

How to Pay for College

Those looking for a “formula” to pay for college might want to consider this one.  Of course, everyone’s circumstances are different and being able to save more and borrow less is generally better.

In particular, when it comes to savings, financial advisor Kevin McKinley suggests reviewing your credit or debit card statement monthly and asking yourself, “Would I rather help my kid go to college or would I prefer to keep buying or doing those things on my bill that add up to the number I need to save each month?”

2017-2018 FAFSA is Coming

Get ready for a wild Saturday: Oct. 1 is when the 2017-2018 FAFSA will be available. This year it should be considerably easier to complete. Why? Because if you’re eligible– and most people are– you won’t need to manually enter your income data. Instead, you can just link directly to your 2015 tax return via the IRS Data Retrieval Tool and simply confirm Continue reading 2017-2018 FAFSA is Coming

“What can I do as a [Grade] to Prepare?”

As a new school year gets underway (we Oregonians being among the last to get it underway yesterday and today), a question I hear a lot is, “Now that [Name] is a [Grade], what should we be doing to prepare for college?” Here are some suggestions: Continue reading “What can I do as a [Grade] to Prepare?”