FAFSA: Just Do It (part 2)

As school FAFSA deadlines approach, so do excuses not to fill it out. Yes, it’s a pain in the neck and yes, you should do it anyway. Here’s another reason why: Your financial situation could change. What if you lost your job between now and the start of next school year? You might want to request an aid review. If you haven’t filled out the FAFSA, it’s far more complicated to insert yourself into the aid process at a later date. Having it filed as a baseline gives you a reference point from which to say, “This has changed and now we need help.” Or even more simply, what if the stock market keeps going in the direction it’s gone lately such that your 529 is more like a 429, or 329 or 229… You might not want or be able to withdraw from it as planned. So, think of the FAFSA as a type of insurance policy for next year’s tuition payments.

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