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Colleges that Produce the Most Fortune 500 CEOs

As acceptances and rejections roll in, it’s time for a reminder that success in life is generally more about what you make of the college experience than what school you attend. provides various rankings of schools. A recent one is schools with the most Fortune 500 CEO Graduates. Yes, the top 10 is littered with the usual suspects. But it’s worth knowing is that the University of Houston, which was the second-lowest rated national university in US News & World Report’s 2013 rankings, is among only 38 schools nationwide that have graduated more than 1 Fortune 500 CEO. On that criterium, it ranks equally with Brown, Georgetown, Duke and Berkeley. Public school fans might note that 16 of the top 38 kingmakers are public, and while that list includes plenty of “public Ivies,” it also includes San Diego State, Kansas, Minnesota,  Oklahoma, Colorado and Wayne State.

FAFSA: Just Do It (part 2)

As school FAFSA deadlines approach, so do excuses not to fill it out. Yes, it’s a pain in the neck and yes, you should do it anyway. Here’s another reason why: Your financial situation could change. What if you lost your job between now and the start of next school year? Continue reading FAFSA: Just Do It (part 2)

FAFSA: Just Do It!

Many families skip the FAFSA on the assumption they won’t qualify for need-based aid. While that may or may not be true, there are plenty of other good reasons to fill it out. One of the best reasons:

You have to fill out the FAFSA to get any federal education loans. Any family who does not have Continue reading FAFSA: Just Do It!

Negotiating Merit Awards

As acceptances roll in, they often include merit aid awards. Many students and parents are so thrilled to see these that they don’t look further– but they should! If your student received a merit award, visit the school’s merit awards website to see if there is a higher level of award that’s within reach– say, a nominal GPA Continue reading Negotiating Merit Awards