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November 2015

Life Insurance and Annuities

Many people call themselves “financial advisors” when they should in fact be called sales people. A number of these types are active right now telling parents of high school juniors and seniors that they should buy annuities or life insurance to help themselves in the financial aid process. This “investment” is not as helpful as you might think.

Loan Defaults by School

One great thing about living in the Big Data world is, there is data available on just about any topic. One topic that those going through the college application process should be concerned about is, are graduates of the schools I’m interested in financially solvent? With more than half of students borrowing to pay for college and average loan balances of…

State Financial Aid

While the federal government is the largest provider of financial aid, states also provide aid. There’s a big difference, too: Most federal aid comes in the form of loans, whereas a new study from NASSGAP (National Association of State Student Grant and Aid Programs) shows that over 90% of aid provided by states comes in the form of grants.